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Leaving their old life behind, Jenny moves to Seattle with her four-year-old daughter to try and start fresh. Interviewing for a multi-million dollar company, she’s surprised to find out that the position is for an assistant to three handsome executives that make her want to drool.

Being a mother is hard, but trying to juggle three dominant men? That’s a job in itself.

For the first time in years, Jenny experiences happiness and the family she has always yearned for but when her past reappears, she will have to make a decision that could change their lives forever.

Will love conquer? Or will Jenny be forced to let go of those that mean the most to her?

Amazing Reviews!!

“I’m totally falling in love with Nikki and her well written stories! She is amazing at what she does and this second book in the Shifter Tails series is no exception! ” -Amazon review

“Wow this is among the best RH I have read. This starts out as a heart breaker. But soon becomes so much more. This a journey that tells an amazing love story. It only takes just a little bit and this book sinks it’s teeth into you and doesn’t let go. You will not see whats coming till it jumps up at you. The only thing bad about this story is, well it has to end. If you want a good read that is full of fun, love and laughter, then this is a book you must read. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.” -Goodreads review

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