Published Works (in order by series)

Shifter Tails Series

Christmas Bells
Shifter Tails Book One

Released on 12/19/2018

Running from her past, Foxy becomes stranded just days before Christmas in the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by a pair of sexy predators, she begins to question if she has lost her damn mind and if everything she has ever been told is true. Join Foxy and the dangerous temptations that want to devour her whole. Will animal nature take over or will the budding feelings protect her from what she fears most?

Murder Save Me
Shifter Tails Book Two

Released on 3/29/19

Nearly 10 years ago Lily was ripped from her family and thrust into a savage hunt for her life. Saved by a murder of crows, she is finally able to feel happiness and eventually love only to be driven away by those she care for most.
When her sister goes missing and the same hunters possibly have her in their clutches, Lily is forced to confront her past, her feelings as well as the most elite group of beings to demand a change. 
She will encounter new friends, foes and sexy men that will test her very being. Will she be able to save her sister and be with her men or will she get lost trying to confront her past?

Tails and Scales
Shifter Tails Book Three

Released on 11/15/2019

Saved from death, but is she truly living?
Sammy escaped from near death after enduring the worst moments of her life. Now she is battling the darkness inside of her mind while trying to adjust to her newfound mates and search for a group of kidnapped shifters.
A shocking discovery pushes her to reach out to an old flame but when he arrives to try and win her back, he is driven away by the sight of her in three other men’s arms.
Will Sammy be able to mend the broken bond and add another mate into her blossoming family?


Daughter Dearest
Released on 3/27/2020

Leaving their old life behind, Jenny moves to Seattle with her four-year-old daughter to try and start fresh. Interviewing for a multi-million dollar company, she’s surprised to find out that the position is for an assistant to three handsome executives that make her want to drool.

Being a mother is hard, but trying to juggle three dominant men? That’s a job in itself.

For the first time in years, Jenny experiences happiness and the family she has always yearned for but when her past reappears, she will have to make a decision that could change their lives forever.

Will love conquer? Or will Jenny be forced to let go of those that mean the most to her?

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